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Advantages of Hydrodemolition

Hydrodemolition and High Pressure Water Jetting, offers numerous technical, environmental, safety, and financial benefits over other methods of concrete removal. The various benefits of Hydrodemolition are highlighted below.

Technical Benefits

  • Maintains the structural integrity of reinforcing steel
  • Reinforcing steel is cleaned during High Pressure Water Jetting
  • Eliminates chlorides and other invisible contamination
  • Permits selective removal of defective concrete, allowing unflawed concrete to remain
  • Produces a clean surface ideal for bonding with new concrete

Environmental Benefits

  • No dust pollution
  • Hydrodemolition is non-percussive and reduces noise pollution
  • Water can be captured after operation, eliminating the risk of contamination

Safety Benefits

  • Hydrodemolition is vibration free, thus removing the risk to operators of injuries associated with Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome.

Financial Benefits

  • Hydrodemolition operations are often quicker than conventional methods, resulting in shorter process times and reduced cost

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