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Remote Controlled Robotic Demolition

In our continued drive forward with technical innovation, Corecut has added The Brokk Robolition 260 Mega to our existing Robolition Controlled Demolition range. This is the first in the UK for the Controlled Demolition industry. The Robolition 260 Mega has exceptional capacity and remarkable breaking power and can outperform much heavier conventional excavators.

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Jobs that might once have seemed impossible are now within your reach with Robolition. This compact electric, fume-free Remote-Controlled Demolition machine climbs stairs with ease and can be manoeuvred, lifted, or hoisted up to the most exposed positions. It works over twelve times harder and faster than a man with a jackhammer – and a lot more safely.

With its astonishing power to weight ratio, Robolition handles tools that normally require a carrier at least twice as heavy. You can equip it with hydraulic breakers, concrete crushers, drilling equipment, wall saws, or buckets to perform many functions.

With the addition of the Robolition 260 Mega, Corecut's Robolition range has been enhanced. The Robolition 260 Mega has a remarkable long reach and great accessibility, ensuring all areas can be accessible with ease. It is also accomplished on uneven surfaces with the use of its strong outriggers, giving it operational stability, while working from a 3-phase electric motor. This combination reduces the time required for repositioning, allowing the machine to focus more directly on the work in hand, and with its remarkable low weight in relation to productivity, it optimises its work rate at every opportunity.

Key Features

  • Safety (remote-controlled up to 30 metres)
  • Remote operation removes risk of hand / arm vibration syndrome
  • Compact / works in confined spaces (passes through standard doors)
  • Electric, fume-free
  • Works in existing buildings, without noise or vibrations
  • Climbs stairs with ease
  • Full range of case studies available
  • Fully trained CSCS accredited operators
  • Fully equipped mobile workforce covering the UK and Europe

Its flexibility is phenomenal. Thanks to the three-part robotic arm, the machine’s working radius is immense. The low centre of gravity and strong support legs keep it steady, even when the arm is fully extended.

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