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Nuclear Decommissioning Consultancy Services

Nuclear decommissioning can be one of the most complicated engineering projects that it’s possible to undertake. While undertaking decommissioning work it is necessary to both conduct difficult civil engineering processes and work with hazardous materials.

As well as having to carry out work under incredibly difficult conditions, nuclear decommissioning has incredibly high stakes – the consequences of a mistake can be catastrophic. At worst, failure to correctly dispose of nuclear waste can cause serious health problems in the nearby population – possibly even leading to fatalities.

That’s why it’s so essential to carry out work to the highest possible standard. Very few organisations have enough expertise to carry out large-scale nuclear decommissioning by themselves. That’s why it’s common for companies to hire consultants to advise on the technical aspects of the job.

Corecut Nuclear are a leading provider of Consultancy Services to the Nuclear Decommissioning industry.

Our company are experts on a huge range of civil and structural engineering procedures which are used as part of the Nuclear Decommissioning process. We can advise on diamond drilling, diamond wire sawing, diamond wall sawing, remote controlled demolition by robolition and concrete shaving. With more than 35 years of experience, our expertise on these matters is immense. We can advise on almost any concrete or metal cutting problem – no matter how complicated.

Furthermore, we have acquired considerable expertise in the nuclear industry after undertaking several projects on nuclear sites. We have participated in the Dounreay Site restoration, and worked for the UK Atomic Energy Authority at Sellafield. Corecut Nuclear are a member of the Design Services Alliance

We can also provide skilled classified personnel to assist with all manner of nuclear decommissioning tasks.

So if you require any additional expertise with any nuclear decommissioning project, Corecut Nuclear should be the obvious choice to provide Consultancy Services.

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