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The nuclear industry requires and demands the highest levels of safety for buildings, equipment and of those working within nuclear licensed sites.

At Corecut Nuclear Decommissioning safety is our overriding priority – whether nuclear, radiological, environmental or industrial safety. We foster a safety culture within the company that permeates throughout our workforce; a workforce experienced in working in nuclear sites and a radiological environment.

The nuclear safety culture cannot be regulated but is formed with beliefs, good habits and attitudes, and forms part of our management and employee training reflected in our achieving Platinum Status CSCS Accreditation in 2010.


As well as our high safety standards, our experience of working in nuclear sites, for clients including DSRL (Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd), gives us an edge over our concrete and metal cutting competitors.

We have recently carried out the dry Diamond Drilling of test cores through the shielding structure of a nuclear reactor under strictly controlled radiological conditions.

As a Hilti network partner we can be sure of using the very latest plant and equipment to undertake the most complex Diamond Drilling, Sawing and Controlled Demolition on nuclear sites, all operated by suitable qualified and experienced classified personnel.

At Corecut Nuclear we are proud of our record of completing even the most complex Diamond Drilling operations on-time and on-budget. We continue to evolve and develop techniques and equipment to solve any drilling or cutting problem.

Key Services

  • Wet/Dry Diamond Drilling
  • Wet/Dry Diamond Wire Sawing of Concrete & Steel
  • Wet/Dry Diamond Wall Sawing
  • Remote Controlled Demolition by Robolition
  • Concrete Shaving and Planning
  • Project Consultancy
  • Provision of Skilled Classified Personnel

Supply Chain Charter



Utilising and pioneering the latest technology, Core Cut Nuclear and their partner Hilti are able to provide a range of complex drilling and cutting services specifically designed to apply to nuclear
decommissioning projects. Our partnership scheme with Hilti was established to promote best
practice using innovative, high quality techniques and class-leading health and safety governance. We have to demonstrate the following:

  • Commitment to H&S compliance
  • Commitment to operator training
  • Utilise up-to-date, innovative technology
  • Membership of the DSA

In return we have full access to Hilti’s technology and support throughout any project, anywhere in the world. This commitment to excellence is evident in all aspects of our work:

  • Dry Coring and Reinforced Concrete using PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) segment technology
  • Dry Diamond Wire Sawing through reinforced concrete and steel
  • Remote Controlled Demolition and tool deployment using Corecut Nuclear’s extensive range of Robolition equipment
  • Surface decontamination by Grinding, Shaving and Captive Shot Blasting
  • Specialist cutting utilising Portal and Table Wire Saw systems to facilitate size reduction

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