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Hydraulic Crunching

Hydraulic Concrete Crunching is an extremely effective way to carry out Controlled Demolition of a variety of materials that is also friendly to the environment.

The jaws of the breaker are placed on the open edge of the concrete structure and hydraulic pressure is applied to force the jaws to close, crushing the concrete into rubble. As the procedure is non-percussive there is limited risk of damage to nearby structures and the low levels of noise minimises disruption.

Corecut are experts at using hydraulic crunchers to demolish floors, walls, and staircases up to 350mm thick – quickly, silently, and with very little dust or vibration.

At Corecut we have a comprehensive range of Concrete Crunching machines that enable us to perform a wide range of functions. From our power crunchers that have an impressive crushing force of 45 tons to hand crunchers which are perfect for refurbishment projects, especially where there is limited access or the area is particularly sensitive. Furthermore, our range of concrete crunching machines keep noise, dust and vibration levels to a minimum, whilst remote operation enables increase operator safety. 

Key Hydraulic Crunching Features

  • Non percussive
  • Dust free
  • Hand crunching to 350mm thick
  • Electric, diesel, and petrol options
  • Low noise
  • Easily accesses sensitive and inaccessible areas
  • Full range of case studies available
  • Fully trained CSCS accredited operators
  • Fully equipped mobile workforce covering the UK and Europe

We have a full range of concrete crunching case studies available. If you would like to find out more about the range of services we offer, please click here to contact us today. 

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