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After investing significantly in the latest cutting edge equipment, Corecut are delighted to announce the launch of our Hydrodemolition and Water Jetting brand – Corejet.

The launch of Corejet has been underpinned by a major investment in state-of-the-art Hydrodemolition and Water Jetting technology.

Firstly, Corecut have purchased an Aqua Cutter 710v Evolution Hydrodemolition robot and Power Pack from Aquajet Systems in Sweden. The Aqua Cutter 710v Evolution is the most versatile Hydrodemolition robot on the market and Corecut are delighted to have one of only six of these robots in the UK. The Aquajet Systems Power Pack is a containerized power-source which incorporates a diesel motor and pump to provide the pressure required to remove concrete in the most efficient manner. The addition of a hybrid kit means that the robot can be used in situations where noise and pollution regulations do not allow a diesel engine.

Furthermore, Corecut have purchased a trailer mounted pump from Calder Pressure Systems. The Multijet offers unrivalled performance across a range of applications.

With the launch of Corejet, Corecut are now in a position to offer an even wider range of Hydrodemolition and Water Jetting services to our clients, including Concrete Removal, Pipe Cleaning, Ship and Hull Cleaning, Runway Maintenance and Coating Removal.  

The launch of Corejet and the investment in new machinery once again reaffirms Corecut’s commitment to constantly invest, innovate and expand to provide the best possible service to their clients.

For more information on Corejet and the range of services we offer please click here or call 0845 5199 330 for more information.

A selection of our state of the art Hydrodemolition equipment can be viewed in the videos below:

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