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XL Industrial Resins (UK) Ltd – Surface Preparation Case Study




  • Corecut were contracted to remove existing paint finish from factory floor slab to allow XL Industrial Resins to apply a new epoxy resin finish to form a walkway
  • Work involved surface preparation in the form of captive shot blasting
  • An area of 300m in length x 1.2m wide was shot blasted to remove existing epoxy paint finish in order to create a new walkway
  • Hand grinders were also deployed to finish additional edgework



Surface Preparation Case Study 1

XL Industrial Resins Ltd is a specialist resin flooring company based in Central Scotland. In April 2014 they were contracted by Vallourec Mannesmann Oil & Gas UK, a subsidiary of the Vallourec global oil and gas group, to deliver a new heavy duty floor screed for walkways within their facility in Mossend, Lanarkshire. To meet the project requirements, XL Industrial Resins proposed the use of heavy duty polyurethane, an extremely durable and easy to clean material; perfect for busy factory floors. Before the new floor screed could be laid, the current concrete slab and existing paint coating was required to undergo extensive surface preparation. In order to ensure surface preparation was completed to the highest standard, XL Industrial Resins sought the professional expertise of Corecut.


FACT: The new walkways would be made from heavy duty polyurethane, an extremely durable and easy to clean material.


The Project

From the 8th - 9th April 2014, Corecut were contracted by XL Industrial Resins to assist with the surface preparation and development of a new walkway within the Vallourec Mannesmann Oil and Gas facility in Mossend, Lanarkshire.

XL Industrial Resins Surface Preparation Case Study

Surface Preparation Corecut

Surface Preparation Project Corecut


The project involved the removal of an existing paint finish from the factory floor slab to allow for a new epoxy resin finish to be applied in order to form the new walkway throughout the facility.


FACT: Captive shot blasting was used to create a walkway 300m in length and 1.2m wide.


To prepare the surface, Corecut used captive shot blasting - an accurate and controlled surface preparation technique - to strip the thick existing paint from the concrete surface, leaving a clean and consistent strip 300m in length and 1.2m wide which formed the new walkway.

In addition to this, Corecut utilised hand grinders to finish off edgework creating a sharp professional finish.

As always, the Corecut team worked efficiently to complete the project to the highest standard within the shortest period of time.


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