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Ferroscan Concrete Surveying

Corecut in conjunction with the very latest technology from Hilti are at the forefront of the analysis of the steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures.

The Ferroscan FS10 is portable, fast, and can detect and measure the depth of cover, diameter, and positioning of reinforcing bars over a wide area.

Key Features

  • Verification of reinforcement
  • Checking of cover
  • Avoiding rebar hits
  • Scans large areas quickly
  • Provides a viewable image of the reinforcement
  • Extended PC evaluation and document possibilities
  • Reinforcement shown as clearly visible grey-scale image
  • Single scans up to 30m
  • Dust and water splash proof
  • Full range of case studies available
  • Fully trained CSCS accredited operators
  • Fully equipped mobile workforce covering the UK and Europe

The verification of reinforcement is vital in today’s modern building techniques and Reinforcement Surveys can aid in a variety of situations.

  • Building acceptance inspections
  • Cover checking over a large area during renovation
  • Quality control
  • Verification of length
  • Post-installed reinforcement

The specially designed PC software permits further processing, evaluation, exact analysis and documentation of all the data recorded.

  • Prints out scanned images and reports including data from several points in the images
  • Provides a complex algorithm which ensures good differentiation between closely spaced reinforced bars
  • The system has a 32bit PC compatibility with Windows 95, 98, and NT
  • On the spot printouts

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