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Microtrenching Services from Corecut

Corecut provides specialist Microtrenching services throughout the UK and the technique is ideal for projects that involve the laying of cable or pipes through asphalt, concrete or rock. As one of only a handful of companies in the UK to utilise the cutting-edge Bobcat Wheel Saw (also known as the "Rock Saw"), we ensure that your projects are carried out with speed and precision.



Microtrenching is a dry cutting technique where narrow, shallow trenches are cut, typically on one side of an asphalt road. Trench sizes can range from 19.1mm - 57.2mm wide and 203mm - 406mm deep. Dust is removed from the worksite during cutting by a vacuum system connected to the cutter wheel, ensuring cleanliness of the site.

Uses for Microtrenching

Our Microtrenching services are perfect for a range of operations including:

  • The installation of fibre-optic broadband
  • Laying cables for smart motorways
  • Burying railway cables to prevent vandalism
  • Traffic light installation

Benefits of the Bobcat Wheel Saw

Speed: Up to 5x faster than a large dedicated Microtrenching machine. This can result in an extra 200m of trench per hour.

Compact Size: Due to the compact size of the Bobcat loader it can get where larger machines can't, such as narrow city centre streets. In addition, on large roads the Bobcat can perform Microtrenching work with less traffic disruption than a dedicated heavy machine.

Quick to deploy: The Bobcat can be deployed at speed, meaning we can react to urgent project requirements.

Reduced Back Filling: Due to the Wheel Saw's ability to cut a precise trench, the back-filling cost is significantly reduced, especially when compared to using an excavator. Bobcat estimates that for a 5,000m trench the cost saving on back-filling alone can be up to £6,000 when compared to other Microtrenching methods.

Why Choose Corecut

  • Over 35 years' experience in the construction industry
  • Europe-wide, fully mobile workforce
  • All operators are fully trained and CSCS accredited

Watch the Bobcat Wheel Saw in Action

Corecut Microtrenching Video Thumb Bobcat Wheel Saw Video Thumb

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