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HP & UHP Water Jetting Services

High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting is an industrial process which makes use of specialist equipment to carry out a range of applications including industrial cleaning, the removal of road markings and breaking up of solid concrete. The most powerful Water Jetting equipment can produce pressures of up to 30,000 ps. As a result it has to be handled by highly trained operators.

Why Choose Corejet

  • Over 35 years' experience in the construction industry
  • Use of the latest and most innovative Hydrodemolition technology available
  • Specialists in both Manual Hydrodemolition and Robojetting (Robotic Hydrodemolition) 
  • All operators are expertly trained and fully CSCS accredited 
  • Europe-wide, fully mobile workforce
  • A member of the Watter Jetting Association


You can view our Water Jetting solution in action via the video below, taken during a recent contract on The Forth Bridge in Edinburgh. 

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Applications of Water Jetting

Water Jetting is a versatile process and can be used for a diverse range of applications:

Road Marking Removal

Road markings traditionally need to be burned off which is a time consuming process. In addition the process produces dangerous smoke and fumes which are damaging to the environment. Water Jetting can be used to remove various types of road markings in a fast, safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly manner.

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Water Jetting - Forth Road Bridge 1

Water Jetting - Forth Road Bridge 2

Water Jetting - Forth Road Bridge 3

Airfield Rubber Removal & Runway Maintenance

Airfield runways require a certain amount of friction to prevent planes from skidding on landing or take-off. Over time a variety of debris can build up, reducing this friction. Regular maintenance using Water Jetting can remove this without damage to the runway's surface, re-establish the appropriate level of friction.

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Paint and Coating Removal

There are a variety of ways in which paint and other coatings can be removed from a surface, including burning. However there is no safer or environmentally friendly way to remove paint than with Water Jetting.

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Sand Blasting or Graffiti Removal

It’s also possible to add sand to a water jet, allowing it to be used to sandblast a wall, or to use the equipment to remove graffiti from walls.

Pipe, Heat Exchanger & Industrial Tank Cleaning

Water Jetting is the ideal process for cleaning a range of industrial materials including pipespipe bundles and heat exchangers and industrial tanks and vessels. Although there are other methods available, Water Jetting offers a superior clean. Using robotic techniques, materials are cleaned to the highest standards without the need for use of chemicals, making it the most environmentally friendly method available.

Water Jetting is usually preferable to other cleaning methods because there are so few side-effects. Firstly, the process doesn’t cause vibrations, so it can be used to clean buildings without any risk of damaging the fabric of the structure. Furthermore it doesn’t create dust, so there are no health risks for passers-by. 

Water Jetting is more sophisticated than simply using brute force to clean. This is a highly versatile cleaning solution. As well as adjusting the pressure, it is possible to heat the water, or to add cleaning chemicals to the water jet. This versatility makes it possible to remove deposits of almost any substance – including paint, oil and dangerous chemicals – without causing any damage to the underlying surface.

Water Jetting 1

Water Jetting 3

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Environmentally Friendly

As previously mentioned, Water Jetting does not require any addition of cleaning chemicals. In addition, our equipment includes a vacuum system which collects all of the water and sediment created as a by-product of the cleaning process.  This means that there is very little chance of contamination, making Water Jetting the optimal choice where the environment is of prime consideration.

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