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No matter the scale of your project, Corejet offers the optimum pipe cleaning solution. Utilising a range of techniques, we can access the pipe works underground; send robots to spaces inaccessible to humans; clean up hazardous materials or dangerous chemicals; or clear debris blocking pipes.

Why Choose Corejet

  • Over 35 years’ experience within the industry
  • All operators are fully trained and CSCS accredited
  • Using robotic machinery, pipes are cleaned to the highest standards of safety
  • A member of The Water Jetting Association
  • A reputation for excellence and reliability
  • Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting can be used to clean almost any type of pipe
  • Faster results using Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting process


Highest Safety Standards

Using remote controlled technology, our highly trained technicians can clean areas not accessible to humans. As a result, our UHP Water Jetting techniques are performed to the highest safety standards. In addition, our membership of the Water Jetting Association ensures that we stay on top of the latest health & safety legislation.

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Pipe Bund Cleaning Small

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Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Water Jetting

UHP Water Jetting is the most effective way to deliver essential pipe maintenance. The process involves the insertion of a hose into a pipe which fires several jets of extremely high pressure water against the pipe walls. This flushes out any deposits or blockages and restores full flow to the pipe.

Although there are alternatives available, UHP Water Jetting offers a superior clean. Manual rodding and cable machines both lose power the further they are inserted into the pipe and are far more labour intensive and time consuming. Using Water Jetting from Corejet is far more efficient, cleaning pipes and restoring them to full working order quickly and effectively. With no need for powerful chemicals, it’s also the most environmentally friendly method available.

Our investment in high quality UHP Water Jetting equipment guarantees that the process provides premium results every time. As the fastest, cheapest and most thorough method to clean a pipe, UHP Water Jetting from Corejet is the obvious choice to deliver pipe cleaning services for your business.   

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