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Pipe Bundle and Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Specialists in Heat Exchanger and Bundle Cleaning

Heat exchangers and pipe bundles can lose efficiency following a build-up of scaling and other deposits. In order to restore these systems to full working order, it is vital that they are cleaned to a high standard. Corejet provide Ultra High Pressure water jetting solutions in order to clean a range of industrial equipment.

Why Choose Corejet

  • More than 35 years’ experience in the industry
  • A member of The Water Jetting Association
  • Water Jetting can be used to clean a range of equipment including pipe bundles and heat exchangers
  • Our technicians  are trained to the highest standards with CSCS accreditation
  • A reputation for reliability and excellence
  • Faster, safer and cleaner results than manual alternatives

Water Jet Cleaning Solutions

Heat exchangers can get clogged up with layers of polymers, or even solid deposits. While manual solutions are available, these are time consuming and are far less thorough than modern water jetting solutions. Our automated systems also guarantee that personnel will remain out of harm’s way, avoiding the impact of high-pressure water and dislodged debris.

Corejet have invested in a range of high quality water jetting solutions to ensure that your bundle and heat exchanger are cleaned to the best possible standards every time. This powerful cleaning method offers fast and efficient cleaning to provide outstanding results every time.

Our non-destructive ultra-high pressure system involves the insertion of a hose into a pipe which fires several jets of extremely high pressure water into the system. This method, coupled with Corejet’s experience in operating this complex equipment ensures that machinery is cleaned to the highest standards to return them to their full operational potential.

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