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Paint and Coating Removal

Paint is designed to be permanent. In fact it’s so resilient that it is literally made to weather storms. So the process of removing paint is understandably difficult. There are a variety of methods available, including burning the paint off – but there is no safer or more effective way to remove paint, or other coatings, than Water Jetting.

State of the art water jetting technology can deliver a stream of water at a pressure of more than 2000 psi – so this is a very serious industrial process and is far more powerful than many people imagine.

One of the best features of Water Jetting is the process’s versatility. No matter the situation – whether you want to remove graffiti from granite or layers of durable enamel paint from delicate sandstone – Water Jetting is always the most appropriate choice. And no job is too big – we have Water Jetting equipment so powerful that it can be used to remove road markings; while at the same we have equipment which is gentle enough to prevent damage to underlying surfaces.

Using water jetting to remove paint or coating the most environmentally sound means of removing paint. Other techniques can produce dangerous smoke or fumes which damage the environment. In contrast, our equipment includes a vacuum system which collects all the water, and other residue, from the jet washing – preventing contamination.

If you need to remove paint, or any other coating, then no matter the circumstances, Water Jetting should be the obvious choice.

And with more than 35 years of experience, Corejet has earned an enviable reputation as a leading provider of Water Jetting solutions. We have thousands of satisfied clients, and our highly skilled team of operators are all CSCS accredited and are experts at delivering any type of Water Jetting service to the highest possible standard.

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