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Airfield Rubber Removal

Airfield runways require certain levels of friction to prevent planes from skidding on landing or take-off. Over time a combination of weather, rubber, and other debris can reduce the levels of friction on a runway’s surface.

It is therefore critically important to regularly maintain and re-establish the appropriate level of friction on airfield surfaces.

Corejet's team of experts can employ High Pressure Water Jetting to remove rubber from airport runways, re-establishing runway friction without damaging the surface. What’s more, our High Pressure Water Jetting system will also clean oil and grease from airfield aprons. This method ensures runway lighting systems and pavement are left undamaged.

Our fully mobile, highly qualified workforce can respond to your Airfield Rubber Removal requests throughout the UK within 24 hours.

To speak to us about our range of Airfield Rubber Removal services please click here or call 0845 5199 330 to speak to one of our experts today.

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