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Helical Pulldown Micropile

The proven and reliable system for correcting foundation problems.

The Helical Pier Foundation System offers a technically superior and cost efficient alternative to other remedial systems.

The concept operates on the principal of turning a helical (screw) pier into stable subsoil strata until the torque applied indicates that the necessary load capacity has been achieved. Adjustable brackets are then attached to the base of the foundation walls connecting the piers to the foundation.

The weight is then shifted to the piers allowing repositioning which retains any further movement.

This system, which is backed by over 80 years of structural engineering experience, contrasts with other methods which use the structure's weight to force pipes and concrete cylinders down into the ground. Such costly and time consuming methods require extensive excavation which can disturb site features such as walkways and landscaping.

System advantages:

  • Faster installation than other methods
  • Lower cost for both system and installation
  • No heavy equipment required
  • Installs in limited access areas
  • Vibration free
  • Range of diameters (15cm - 36cm)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Resistance to buckling in weak surface soils
  • Stiffer pile (deflects less at a particular load)
  • Additional corrosion protection in aggressive soils
  • Fully trained CSCS accredited operators

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