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Fire Stopping 

Fire Stopping is a wide and varied Passive Fire Protection system intended to seal any openings, joints or gaps where the spread of fire may occur. Fire stopping is typically performed in the latter stages of the building project when any plumbing, electrical, or mechanical services have been fitted and installed.

Corecut’s Fire Stopping service strengthens and protects the integrity of compartmentalisation in existing or on-going Passive Fire Protection measures. Our experts use a range of Fire Stopping materials and techniques to seal service penetrations in floors, walls and ceilings, slab edge, wallheads and more.

Thorough and effective Fire Stopping is not only required to complete a build within regulations; it can save lives. That’s why Corecut Fire Protection operatives are highly trained in Fire Protection and complete projects to the highest of standards. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the materials to provide the best Fire Stopping services in the UK.

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