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Advantages of Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling is a process used in the industrial and construction sectors which is widely regarded as the gold standard method for drilling holes. By employing a diamond drill bit it is possible to drill thorough just about any material, both quickly and efficiently. This process is a significant improvement as it offers a number of distinct advantages over conventional drilling.

The use of diamond drill bits makes cutting more accurate. Not only does this mean that the work is carried out to a higher standard, but increased accuracy means a reduced risk of inadvertently causing structural damage. As an added bonus, more accurate drilling means less debris is produced, which can help save both time and disposal costs.

Diamond drilling is also suitable for just about any working environment. The process produces very little noise and no dust, so it’s possible to conduct diamond drilling without disturbing other workers. Furthermore, diamond drilling can be conducted in difficult working environments. The equipment is lightweight and portable, and it is suitable for use in difficult situations, such as confined spaces and even underwater. The technology can even be operated by remote control.

Perhaps the only downside to diamond drilling is the limited size of the drill bits which limit the size of hole that can be drilled. Diamond drill bits tend not to be a lot larger than 1,500mm. To overcome this problem, we offer a process called stitch drilling which involves producing large or unconventional shapes are created by drilling a number of overlapping holes. 

Corecut has been leading the field in providing specialist industrial processes like diamond drilling for more than 30 years. Our extremely professional team are trained to the highest standards and are each hold CSCS accreditation. Whatever your diamond drilling needs – Corecut should be the obvious choice. 

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